Upcoming Event

  The yearly event "JAXA Space Exploration Symposium" will take place on June 12, 2024 (JST). Participate and learn about Japan/JAXA's space exploration intiatives. To know more about the program and online participation, please clic the image above to access the event webpage.


  In order to promote awareness of JAXA's efforts to explore the Moon and Mars, JAXA is holding events such as symposiums, lectures on international space exploration by JAXA staff members, and operates social networking services.

  The logo that appears on the top page of the website was created to symbolize JAXA's international space exploration activities, based on the best entry in the "JAXA's Moon & Mars Exploration Logo Contest" (page only in Japanese) held in 2022.

New Logo for JAXA's Space Exploration Activities (2023.05.19)

Staff Lecture

 At JSEC, our staff is committed to staff lecture activities that bring "space exploration" to your local community.

 For additional infromation including request for interviews, please contact JAXA Public Affairs Department.


  Images and videos related to the missions on this website can be found on JDA (JAXA Difital Archives).

SNS X(Twitter)

  JSEC X provides information on its activities, the latest news on space exploration, and a series of short videos shot by JSEC staff members. Please follow us!

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